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A picture of a customer coplaining about the food in a restaurant

Unhappy With Your Restaurant Food? Send It Back!

You might get a sense of awkwardness, but in reality restaurants want your feedback.   Bad food at good restaurants happens. It happened to me twice recently, two days in a row.   On day one, at a place I’ve been to several times (and liked a lot!), the noodles could only be described as […]


Harry Potter Inspired Restaurant Opens Up in Brooklyn

Get your brooms ready to go for a Harry Potter themed restuarant has opened up in Brooklyn! A little far from Hogwarts but at Pasta Wiz, any fan of the Harry Potter books and films series will have delightful time at this Wilamsburg-based restaurant. Drawing inspiration from the popular books and films, the restaurant is […]


Canadian McDonald’s Restaurants No Longer Nut Free

McDonald’s Canada is adding nuts to the menu, meaning the restaurant chain is now off limits to thousands of Canadians who live with allergies.   The move is a major departure from the company’s longstanding policy of serving nuts in sealed packages, which enabled people with peanut and tree-nut allergies to safely consume many items […]

Fit young woman fighting off fast food

The Scientific Approach to Devouring Fewer Junk Food

You can’t deny the fact that junk food is amazingly delicious. Sometimes you just need eat a box of donuts or devour that family bag of chips by yourself to keep your mental health in check.   And there’s nothing wrong with that.   A life entirely without junk food would be a miserable slog, […]


Disgusting Undesirables Your Favorite Foods May Contain

When was the last time you read the label, and how closely?   The ingredients list may reveal unexpected, and often unwanted, extra ingredients lurking in your favourite supermarket foods.   From pork fat in roast chicken bites to sugar containing traces of bones, these are the most alarming examples of when innocuous-soundings products contain […]