What You Didn’t Know About “The Big Bang Theory”‘s Leonard Hofstadter

Already ten season into the show “The Big Bang Theory”, as a fan you would think you know everything in regards to Leonard Hofstadter. But do you really?
In regards to Leonard’s glasses, Johnny Galecki has recently confirmed that there’s something fishy about the glasses he wears, which had some fans pondering about for some time now.
So what is it about Leonard’s glasses that appear peculiar? Well for starters, there’s no lenses.
Why are his glasses lense-less? According to Galecki, everytime he had to look up at co-star Jim Parsons, light would be caught from his lenses. So to counter that, the actor popped out the lenses.
That may have solved one problem for Galecki, but having no lenses has also caused him to experience some problems too. He told of an account when he accidentally scratched his eye when his fingers went through the frames.
Aside from his glasses, Galecki also stated his belief that the popular show will be returning for Season 11.

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