You Won’t Want to ‘Sleep’ on This Men’s Runway Look from Paris Fashion Week

Shows at fashion week can range from “ooo I like that,” to the straight up “but, why?” There are a lot of interesting things coming out of the creative minds in the fashion industry, whether they’re all wearable is debatable, with a couple of showings from the Rick Owen show as an example.
One of the trailblazer’s in the fashion industry, Rick Owen’s has established his worth. For over 2 decades he has released multiple brands with multiple lines, I think it’s safe to say that he knows what he is doing. There are always going to be two aspects of runway fashion: ready to wear, and simply outrageous that you will never wear. Here’s an example of the latter.

More than something as comfort for a getaway in the woods, sleeping bags are now making their debut as clothing, but I think this is one is something you might wanna take a pass on.

Functional? Debatable. Stylish? In my eyes, no. But I think we should give credit to the fashion icon for trying new things, pushing the boundaries to explore and hopefully motivate others to see what kinds of things can be created in the future. Bravo Mr. Owens, bravo.

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