Melania Trump Wears Sky-Blue Ralph Lauren Ensemble At Husband’s Inauguration

Melania Trump arrived fashionably in a sky-blue ensemble by Ralph Lauren on Friday, January 20 to join President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for tea at the White House.

The retro-inspired outfit consisting of a sky-blue dress topped over with a matching three-quarter length sleeves, double-faced jacket pays tribute to late Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis’ outfit she wore to her husband’s, John F. Kennedy, inauguration in 1961. Trump’s sky-blue is similiar to the blue hue of Kennedy-Onassis’ coat with fur-trimmed collar and oversized buttons.
Adding to the look, Trump donned matching blue gloves and stilettos paired with a simple and elegant updo.

According to Trump’s team, the real inspiration of her outfit was Ralph Lauren. The American designer is someone who has influenced American fashion.

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