Fashion Muse: Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the man popularized for his run in the 2016 election and political career, isn’t a man considered royalty in the fashion industry, but looks to enter the ranks as a muse for brand Balenciaga. Most brands are looking to shy away from entering politics, with some brands pulling support from first lady Melania Trump, but the beloved handbag and clothing line seem to be going in a different approach.

During Paris Fashion Week, Balenciaga released a line of products emblazoned with logo’s reminiscent to the Sanders campaign last year. This comes with a bit of irony, as the senator’s talking points involved the downplay of capitalism, while the fashion company has products with a retail value setting you back a few thousand dollars.

Being shown on the runways, this line will never be more than that with no plans on being released as a hot commodity for consumers to buy, it remains something for our eyes only.

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